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PhoSul™ is plant-available phosphate fertilizer. In the soil, phosphate in rock phosphate is biologically transformed into plant-available phosphate and gypsum.


Available in 50 lb. bags, 2000 lb. supersacks, bulk and special order small quantities.

Phosul Studies

We've done our research to ensure that our product is right for you. 

I did get the PhoSul and applied it around July 1. It has made a huge difference in my lawn. I was quite deficient in P as evidenced by a soil test I did, so I was experiencing lackluster growth and quick burnout because my root system wasn’t strong. I applied PhoSul and was fortunate to get a good amount of rain in the weeks after. Within just a few weeks I noticed a better green, better and more consistent growth, etc. and didn’t apply any other fertilizer during that time. I won’t do another soil test until spring but am quite sure this got me in line with where it needed to be! I shared the product on my Instagram social media and had a good response there too. Big believer in this product and the other Propeat products!

Maryland, USA